Who’s Who

Now in its 34th year, the Moundville Native American Festival strives to spark an understanding of once what was and now is Southeastern Indian culture. We are excited to welcome everyone back after a two year hiatus! Our presenters and participants enjoy sharing their culture and experiences with visitors. So please ask questions and get involved. We hope to better everyone’s future, most especially our children’s, as they learn that cultural diversity is what makes us human.

Billy Whitefox: flute music and storytelling (Muscogee)
Billy Whitefox: flute music and storytelling (Muscogee)


  • Billy Whitefox: flute music and storytelling (Muscogee)
  • Lyndon Alec: hoop dancing (Alabama Coushatta)
  • Grayhawk Perkins: emcee, music, and storytelling (Choctaw/Houma)
  • Grayhawk Jazz Band: jazz with a native kick
  • Amy Bluemel: storytelling (Chickasaw)
  • Chikashsha Hithla: Chickasaw stomp dancing and culture
  • Mystic Wind Choctaw Dancers: Chocktaw social dancing and culture
Catherine Sloan: textiles (Cherokee)
Catherine Sloan: textiles (Cherokee)


  • Darrell (Tony) Garter: weekday children’s stickball (Lakota)
  • Laurel Hudson-Elliott: historic copper work
  • Mary T. Newman: pottery making and firing (Cherokee)
  • John Brown: bow making (Muscogee)
  • Greg Drowningbear: rivercane arrows (Cherokee)
  • Bill Skinner: ancient tools and weapons
  • Nolberto Gillespie: bark baskets (Cherokee)
  • Laretta Weaver: powwow regalia and silverwork (Cherokee)
  • Catherine Sloan: textiles (Cherokee)
  • Tammy Beane: copper work
  • Mary Smith: featherwork and textiles (Muscogee)
  • Billy Whitefox: flute music and storytelling (Muscogee)
  • Ken Frazier: stickball sticks
Rosa Newman Hall: Creek women’s camp life
Rosa Newman Hall: Creek women’s camp life

Living History Presenters

  • Rosa Newman Hall: Creek women’s camp life
  • Monica Newman Moore: Native American twining
  • Walter Gowan: hunting and fishing equipment
Mary T. Newman: pottery (Cherokee)
Mary T. Newman: pottery (Cherokee)

Artist’s Row

  • Crystal Hanna: pottery (Cherokee)
  • Betsy Irwin: gourd art
  • Dan Townsend: shell carving (Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek)
  • Mary T. Newman: pottery (Cherokee)
A flint knapper at work in Knapper's Corner.
A flint knapper at work in Knapper’s Corner.

Knapper’s Corner

  • BeBo Bear: flintknapping, jewelry, hiking sticks
  • The Hide Out: animal hides
  • Guy Meador: flintknapping and jewelry
  • Eric’s Rocks: flintknapping, rocks, jewelry

Trader’s Circle

  • RedHanded Trade: gourds and t-shirts (Coosa/Navajo)
  • Southeast Leather and Trading Company: leatherwork and jewelry (Cherokee)
  • Delightful Cookies and Treats: cookies and treats
  • Araya Sunshine Candle Company: candles
  • Rock Pile Farms: jams, jellies, and sauces
  • Eric’s Rocks: flintknapping, rocks, jewelry
  • Trail Walker Crafts: turtle shell purses, leather bags, and knives (Cherokee)
  • NTVES: clothing (Kichwa Nation)
  • Jay Plante: rocks, fossils, and knives
  • Mike and Vicki Sievering: jewelry, gourds, and fur
  • Dakota Willis: beaded jewelry (Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians)

Food Vendors

  • Choctaw Kitchen
  • Dippin’ Dots
  • Sno Blizzy Shaved Ice
  • 2 Grilling Girls


  • Alabama Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association
  • Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries
  • Alabama Historical Commission
  • Chickasaw Inkana Foundation
  • Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Cultural Center
  • Haussler Wellness Foundation
  • Poarch Band of Creek Indians
  • Terra Xplorations, Inc.
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • USACE Tribal Nations Technical Center of Expertise