Jane Osti

Jane Osti“As an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, I am dedicated to researching, teaching, learning and preserving the artistic traditions of my ancestors, combining the ancient traditions and knowledge of the Cherokee with the knowledge and educational resources available today.

“My passion and connection to clay is from the heart. I believe it is passed on to me through ancestral memory. I’m grateful to wake up every day and touch a part of this beautiful earth that allows me to re-create forms from the past, as well as create them in new ways. My clay work is about preserving and promoting Cherokee pottery and culture.”

— Jane Osti

A graduate of Oaks Mission High School, Jane Osti earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Science degree in Education, with a minor in Indian Studies from Northeastern State University. She mentored under Anna Mitchell, a renowned Cherokee potter who is often credited with revitalizing pottery among the Cherokee people in Oklahoma. She lives and works in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.