John Herrington

John HerringtonJohn B. Herrington, Ph.D. (Chickasaw) was the first member of a federally recognized tribe to travel to space. After graduating college with an engineering degree, he decided to apply to the Navy, which led to a 22-year career as a Naval Aviator, test pilot, and astronaut. His historic mission to the International Space Station (ISS) was the culmination of years of experience and training with men and women with diverse cultural and technical backgrounds, and provided Herrington with a unique perspective that he enjoys sharing with audiences worldwide.

He, later, decided to return to college and earned a doctorate in Education. Now, John shares his stories of challenge, leadership, motivation, and mentorship with diverse audiences of all ages and occupations. His multimedia presentations inspire, entertain and challenge people to seek out the best in themselves and in service to others.

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