Tamara Beane

Tamera Beane“For the most part, I make reproductions of prehistoric and early historic southeastern U.S. pottery for museums and archaeologists. I learn so much from handling the original pieces in museum collections and talking with archaeologists. I pick up new information every time I research a piece to reproduce. We have had some fantastic prehistoric southeastern potters. I am inspired and challenged by their talent and quality of work.

“My reproductions are on exhibit at the Birmingham Art Museum, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, and the Alabama Department of Archives and History and many other exhibits throughout the Southeast. Recently, I provided many of the reproductions for the newly renovated Jones Museum at Moundville Archaeological Park.

— Tamara Beane

Tammy Beane has frequently been acclaimed as one of the foremost replicators of Southeastern Indian pottery. She has studied the Moundville collections off and on for over 30 years. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and the Craftsman’s Guild of Mississippi and currently resides in Collinsville, Alabama.