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Basket Bean Toss


This game of pure chance was played throughout the Southeastern region, though with some variation throughout the different tribes. Beans, seeds, or even grains of corn were darkened on one side and placed in a shallow basket. All of the objects were placed non-marked side up, then given a quick and gentle toss. When all of the objects landed, points were counted based on the number of objects that flipped to their darkened sides. The Cherokee played with beans or fruit seeds. The Creeks and Choctaws played a similar game with grains of corn.

Materials Needed:

  • Woven fiber paper plate holders
  • 10 dry large lima beans
  • Extra fine point permanent markers

Children will draw the shapes listed below. The beans will be theirs to keep. Many households already have the basket-like paper plate holders for kids to play the game at home. If you do not have one, a large paper plate or flat basket will work.

You will need:


Place all of your beans into the basket and turn them over to the blank side. Gently toss beans in the air. Count up your score. Highest score wins!

Virtual Breakout Room:

Dates and Times

● Thursday, October 7 at 10 AM for Students
Thursday, October 7 at 7 PM for General Public

How to Sign Up

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Event Description: This virtual education experience will offer you a chance to connect, play, and laugh your way through Moundville Archaeological Park and the Jones Archaeological Museum. Your Host (Rebecca Johnson, The University of Alabama Museums‘ Communications Specialist) will give you clues and instructions while your Tour Guide (Lindsey Gordon, Moundville’s Education Outreach Coordinator) will be in the museum with a live video feed acting as your eyes, ears, hands, and feet. Rebecca will help you watch videos, and help you keep track of the items and clues you find along the way. This interactive experience would be catered to classrooms on Thursday, October 7 at 10 AM. Each class will have to work together using Moundville’s history to solve one of Moundville’s Museum Mysteries!

Sign you class up for the experience using this online form.

Registrations for the October 7th 10am Breakout Room closes at October 7th at 8am.

Scavenger Hunt:

Our Goosechase Scavenger Hunt will be an educational experience that can be used in Moundville Archaeological Park as well as
inside the classroom.

For instructions on how to download the Goosechase app, visit the Goosechase website.

Game code: D7WQ68

The classroom with the highest score at the end of the year will win a prize!