Marty Haythorn

Marty Haythorn“Art is the eye and voice of the soul. In the artistic tradition of the Southeastern Native Americans, I have found a clearer voice and a greater vision of the heart and soul of humanity. It expresses a deep sense of reverence for, and connection with, not only the material world, but also the spiritual world as well. For them, all of creation was sacred. Much of the contemporary art world seems lacking in contrast.

“Working in this tradition has been a personal journey of awakening. Born in a modern world, I have chosen a path of contrasts and conflicts. New and old, pride and humility, selfishness and altruism, all vie for attention. Bringing harmony and balance to these contrasts is a continual challenge.

“As an artist, the best I can do is to seek deeper truths and hope that my work shines an ever so faint light on who we are and on our purpose for being.”

— Marty Haythorn

Marty Haythorn lives and works in Thomasville, Georgia. He has produced and taught pottery for over 40 years. He has a degree in Arts Administration and is the founder and principal artist of Ancient Hands. Marty Haythorn’s work is exhibited internationally and he has been involved in many programs at Moundville Archaeological Park, including the Moundville Native American Festival.