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rattlesnake disk magnet

Rattlesnake Disk Magnet


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rattlesnake disk patch

Rattlesnake Disk Patch


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rattlesnake disk keychain

Rattlesnake Disk Keychain


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Book by John Blitz. $24.99

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rattlesnake disk necklace up close

Rattlesnake Disk Necklace: Close-Up View


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goodie bag

Goodie Bag


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items inside goodie bag

Goodie Bag: What's Inside


Includes 2 arrowhead replicas, 1 Moundville pencil, 1 Rattlesnake Disc sticker, 1 stretchy frog, 1 handmade Choctaw ring. *Colors may vary*
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Moundville - Journey Through Time

Moundville - Journey Through Time (DVD)


800 years ago a city stood on the banks of the Black Warrior River. It was a prehistoric metropolis, the ceremonial heart of an advanced Mississippian culture. Today this city is called Moundville. Its inhabitants were highly organized and with organization came power, trade, and wealth on a scale never seen before in Ancient America. Their influence spread across almost all of eastern North America. Yet, we will never know the city’s real name…or the name of the peoples who inhabited it. They remain a mystery…shrouded in the fog of time. Come explore this fascinating city of Ancient America!

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