Festival Participants

The presenters and participants of the Moundville Native American Festival enjoy sharing their culture and experiences with visitors so please ask questions!

Billy Whitefox, Muscogee Stories & Flute Music
Billy Whitefox, Muscogee Stories & Flute Music


Lifeway Demonstrators

  • Lucia Alfaro: Pine needle Effigy Basket Weaving (Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana)
  • Rene Queton-Morgan: Beadwork & Shawl Fringing (Seminole/Kiowa)
  • Mary T. Newman: Pottery Artist (Cherokee)
  • Catherine Sloan: Historic Textiles (Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama)
  • Mary Smith: Featherwork & Mat Weaving (Muscogee Creek Nation of OK)
  • Dianna Beaver: Moccasin & Turban Making (Muscogee Creek Nation of OK)
  • Greg Drowningbear: Rivercane Arrow Making (Cherokee)
  • Tammy Beane: Copper Reproductions
  • Casey Bigpond: Stickball Rackets, Rabbit Sticks & Blowguns (Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians/Creek)
  • Laurel Hudson-Elliot: History of Copperwork (Friday & Saturday)
  • Laretta Weaver: Regalia and Dance Traditions (Cherokee Nation of OK)
    • Located inside the Jones Archaeological Museum
  • Bill Skinner: Tools & Weapons
    • Located at Mound R
  • Darrell “Tony” Garter: Children’s Stickball Classes (Lakota)
    • Located at the Children’s Stickball area
Rosa Newman Hall: Creek Women’s Camp Life
Rosa Newman Hall: Creek Women’s Camp Life

Living History

  • Rosa Newman-Hall: Creek Women’s Camp Life
  • Monica Newman Moore: Native American Twining
  • Brian Mast: 18th Century French Marine
  • Brian Rushing: William Bartram, 18th Century Naturalist (Saturday Only)
Guy Meador demonstrates flintknapping at Knapper's Corner.
Guy Meador demonstrates flintknapping at Knapper’s Corner.

Artist’s Row

  • Dan Townsend: Shell Carving (Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek)
  • Harry & Dianna Beaver: Turbans & Moccasins (Muscogee Creek of OK)
  • Betsy Irwin: Gourd Art
  • Crystal Hanna: Pottery Artist (Cherokee Nation of OK)
  • Mary T. Newman: Pottery Artist (Cherokee)

Knapper’s Corner

  • Guy Arrowheads & Stuff: Flintknapping Kits, Jewelry, Modern Projectile Points
  • Bebo Bear Flintknapping, Jewelry, Hiking sticks (Creek)
  • Pat Litchfield: Pine Needle, Gourds & Jewelry
  • The Hide Out: Animal Hides, Jewelry, Wooden Boxes, Wind Chimes & More

Trader’s Circle

  • American Indian Creations
  • Kiowa Lance Creations & Face Painting
  • Trailwalker Crafts (Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama)
  • Redhanded Trade (Coosa)
  • Eric’s Rocks
  • Mike & Vicki Sievering
  • Southeast Leather and Trading Co. (Cherokee)
  • Eleanor Chickaway (Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians)
  • Darrell “Tony” Garter (Lakota)

Food Vendors